Taste Asia to Africa during the International Food & Wine Festival

A Taste of South Africa at International Food & Wine Festival (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

A Taste of South Africa at International Food & Wine Festival (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Culinary and Beverage Offerings from China to South Africa

If you’re tasting your way around the globe in one day, the International Food & Wine Festival is the place to do it! With more than 30 international marketplaces you can choose from shrimp from an Australian barbie to shrimp in a Korean Kimchi Sauce:


Australians always love to pull a meal from the barbie – try the grilled lamb chops with a tingly mint pesto and wash it down with a Rosemount Estate Traminer Riesling or Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz.


With such a huge country as China, there’s a wide range of ethnic cuisine. Dip your chicken Satay into as spicy peanut sauce or travel north when you sample the Mongolian Beef on a steamed bun. Have you ever tried Tsing Tao Beer? You can find it at this marketplace.


Japanese cuisine isn’t only sushi, so while you might want to sample the Karaage Hand Roll with spicy mayonnaise or the California Roll with smelt roe rolled into seaweed, make sure you try the thin slice of marinated rib eye in the Sukiyaki Beef Pan. Make sure you try a sake – there are a number of them to sample from Sake-Kikusui Super Dry to Sake Strawberry Mist.


Jasmine rice is paired with two different dishes, Beef Rendang or a seared Mahi Mahi. Try it with a Tiger Beer or a traditional Singapore Sling.

South Korea

You’ll find Kimchi in both dishes served at this marketplace – wrapped in lettuce with roast port or in a sauce topping a mung bean pancake with shrimp. As a beverage, try Bohae Black Raspberry Wine-Bokbunjajoo or Chung Ha Soju Fruit Slushy – see if you can pronounce it!

New Zealand

You’re bound to find lamb in a dish from New Zealand, this time in a small meatball topped with spicy tomato chutney. Kim Crawford is the choice winery so there are a number of selections from Pinot Grigio to an Un-Oaked Chardonnay.


If you’re trying the Kefta pocket or Merguez lamb and beef sausage, make sure you leave room for the sweet baklava dessert!

South Africa

The choice winery for South Africa is Fairview so take a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinotage along with a seared filet of beef topped with Braai Sauce.

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