Six Florida conservation groups receive grants from Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Manatees (credit: Wildlife Foundation of Florida)

Manatees (credit: Wildlife Foundation of Florida)

Disney News:  2012 Conservation Fund Grant Recipients Announced

Disney mixes entertainment and fun with contributing to the planet as well. The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) has just awarded over $1.8 million to 75 conservation projects worldwide and among those recipients are six Florida conservation groups that received $130,000. “Disney’s commitment to protect the planet and help create connections between kids and nature around the world in 40 countries is amazing,” said Dr. Beth Stevens, Senior Vice President, Disney Corporate Citizenship, Environment & Conservation. “We are grateful to the many scientists, educators and community conservationists who devote their lives to conservation and are very proud to work with our guests, fans, employees and cast members to help ensure a better future for our planet.”

Florida based conservation recipients

The following Florida conservation groups are 2012 recipients:

  • The Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • The Ecostudies Institute
  • The University of Florida
  • The Wildlife Foundation of Florida
  • Marine Resources Council of East Florida
  • The Coral Restoration Foundation

Florida-based projects

Some of the projects that are funded under the grant:

  • The Ecostudies Institute created a program that increases awareness about South Florida ecosystems and assists in Mangrove Cuckoo conservation. Populations for the Mangrove cuckoo have been in a sharp decline recently, up to 95%.
  • The Coral Restoration Foundation has established an offshore nursery to help restore coral reefs in the Florida Keys.
  • The Sea Turtle Conservancy promotes awareness of sea turtle nesting areas along Florida’s East Coast through educational seminars and hands-on activities.
  • The Wildlife Foundation of Florida focuses on manatee recovery and at present is figuring out the best habitat-rebuilding areas based on water temperatures.

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