Parents enjoy worry-free cruising with Disney

Caregiver at the It's a Small World Nursery (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Caregiver at the It's a Small World Nursery (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Parents cruise without a care!

A Disney vacation is the ideal family getaway for families but when that holiday takes place at sea, parents can simply relax and know that everyone in the family is being taken care of. From the It’s a Small World Nursery where the family’s youngest passengers are looked after in a vibrant daycare setting to activities for teens, a Disney Cruise is an excellent family vacation destination. One that everyone can enjoy!

Onboard mobile phone service

Not only does innovative new Disney programming allow parents to completely customize the cruise for their children, but the entire experience is family-friendly for everyone. For starters, parents can relax because kids and counselors can contact parents on the ship at anytime, anywhere, with the mobile onboard phone service.

While kids are having fun at their selected activities, parents can explore the ship without a care in the world! Parents and children can have that much more fun without worrying about what happens if something goes wrong.

Extended hours

Children’s activities on Disney Cruise Line has the longest operating hours in the industry so parents can enjoy even more flexibility while their kids have all kinds of fun!

Dine and Play

After you enjoy dinner with your family, just around the time they start to get restless, the kids are whisked away (if you like!) by counselors for fun activities while you enjoy some relaxing adult time.

Together time

Though there are plenty of opportunities for children to enjoy activities separate from their parents – and visa versa – Disney Cruise Line has plenty of inclusive family-friendly experiences as well. From stage productions and first-run films to deck parties and poolside movies, there are tons of opportunities for families to enjoy their vacation together with a Disney cruise.

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