Now children can speed around the Walt Disney World Speedway with a pro

RPDE “Junior Ride-Alongs” (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

RPDE “Junior Ride-Alongs” (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Richard Petty Driving Experience announces “Junior Ride-Alongs” for kids

Childhood dreams of high-speed racing can now be fulfilled at Walt Disney World. With the hopes of seeing grins from ear to ear on little children’s faces, the Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE) now offers the opportunity for children to sit next to a pro who will drive them around the one-mile tri-oval for three laps. The  “Junior Ride-Alongs” program is available to children that are 6 to 13 years old and meet the 48 inch height requirement. Reservations aren’t even required for the real-life racing experience so you can take your child on a whim but if you want to turn NASCAR racing into a family affair, you need to book ahead if adults want to have a driving experience.

The Special Seating

So your child can sit shotgun with the pro, a special seat has been designed by The Joie of Seating, to make sure smaller bodies are safe and secure in the two-seat NASCAR race car. The seat uses the same five-point safety harness that all NASCAR drivers use. The seats are also full containment with built-in shoulder and head protection. The North Carolina company manufactures custom-fitted aluminum racing seats and is operated by Randy LaJoie, who won the NASCAR Nationwide series two times. “For 10 years we’ve specialized in designing custom racing seats that provide the safest in-car experience,” says LaJoie, “Our extensive experience in the industry makes us confident your child will enjoy a safe and fun ride-along with RPDE.”

The Details

  • Age Requirement: 6-13 years of age
  • Height Requirement: at least 48 inches in height
  • Cost: $59

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