No two experiences alike with Disney’s customizable programming for kids

Andy's Room Oceaneer Club (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Andy's Room Oceaneer Club (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Customizable programming for children makes cruising more fun than ever

Traditional cruise programming for children sees activities categorized based on age. With that model, siblings who aren’t close in age but who enjoy playing together are often separated and grouped with kids of the same age. With this innovative new model on Disney Cruise Lines, kids can participate in activities based on interests not on age! Children between the ages of 3 and 12 cruising with Disney can  participate in any activities they like!

Activity groupings

While Disney Cruise Lines’ activities for children are all intended for specific ages, they’re grouped by interest. For the budding artist in your family to the future scientist – there’s something going on that will appeal to all kids. And the great thing is that it allows each child on the ship to customize their vacation so they’re only doing activities that interest them.

Clubhouse Series

Designed to appeal more to younger children, the Clubhouse Series activities include playing music with popular Little Einstein characters, a Nemo puppet show and fun and games with Mickey and friends!

Storybook Series

Young royals will enjoy advice from Cinderella telling them how to be princesses and princes while pirates in waiting receive training to be buccaneers! Snow White and Bartleby the Bookmaker star in their own activities as well.

Jump Up! Series

The movement-oriented activities in the Jump Up! Series include Toy Story Boot Camp, an Aloha Luau and fun on the Magic PlayFloor!

Create & Invent Series

Hands-on activities let young children explore their inner creator! Your kids will love making flubber with Professor Goo, baking cookies at Ratatouille Cooking School and fashioning a car from soap at the Piston Cup Challenge!

In the Spotlight Series

Future stars practice their stage presence in Monsters Inc. OPen “Mike” Night, All For One: A High School Musical Mad Cap Caper and Tinker Bell’s Talent Show.

Solve It Series

Young detectives can go to Detective School, help prevent chaos from breaking out on the ship in Stitch’s Great Adventure, learn to paint and draw in Animation Antics and Animation Cels, and they can even help find Captain Hook’s missing hook!

Castaway Cay

Conservation lessons are fun on Castaway where kids can Search for Atlantis, dig for artifacts and help locate (plush) cotton-top tamarin monkeys!

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