New Disney Cruise Line Storybook Series lets kids live out a fantasy!

Disney Princesses in the Fantasy Atrium Lobby  (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Princesses in the Fantasy Atrium Lobby (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Kids can live a Storybook with new cruise programming

As a parent of young children, you can be pretty certain that a family vacation with Disney will ensure there’s never a dull moment, but thanks to some innovative new Disney Cruise Line programming, your kids will have more to keep them occupied at sea than ever before!

Storybook Series

Whether your child dreams of being a n’er do well swashbuckling pirate or to charm all the animals in the forest in the soft gentle style of Snow White, they will be sure to enjoy participating in the Storybook Series programming available onboard.

Cinderella’s Royal Ball

If your little girl firmly believes she is a princess, let her learn from true royalty – Cinderella herself – how to actually be a young royal (this programming applies to young princess too!).

So You Want to be a Pirate

Treat your young pirate to an adventure of tall tales on the high seas. Pirate training is available for young buccaneers sailing Disney Cruise Line with all sorts of good swashbuckling activities and even a guest appearance by the one and only Captain Hook!

Do Si Do With Snow White

Imagine the excitement of sharing a dance and a story with Snow White. Now imagine how exciting it will be for your child!

Disney’s Once Upon a Time

For a special treat, Bartleby the Bookmaker will share his unique talent with the kids…when he starts reading from the special books he creates, guess what happens? Through sheer magic the characters come to life!

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