Never a dull moment with Disney Cruise Line’s customized onboard experiences

Tinker Bell Visits Pixie Hollow at the Oceaneer Club (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Tinker Bell Visits Pixie Hollow at the Oceaneer Club (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Innovative approach to family cruising lets kids choose their own adventures

Having a bored child along with you on vacation isn’t an enjoyable experience. Of course, “bored” isn’t in the vocabulary of anyone on a Disney vacation, including a holiday at sea. Onboard children’s experiences have been reinvented by the folks at Disney Cruise Lines with a brand new approach to activities for youth.

Dedicated areas for children aboard the ship already make them feel like there’s something special just for them, but with the latest in innovative Disney programing, an added element of customized programming, children who cruise are having more fun than ever before.

Kids choose activities based on their interests

As always, there is still Disney recommended programming on board with suggested activities for children in specific age groups, but those onboard offerings are actually available to everyone. Children aged 3 through 12 aboard Disney Cruise Line aren’t boxed into specific activities based on their age. They have the option of choosing their own adventures and experiences, based on what they’re into. What better way to enjoy a vacation than by having it literally tailored just for you?

Parents of multiple children will love that siblings will be able to participate in activities together, even if their ages are far apart. This option – having a six year old enjoy the same activities as his or her eleven year old sibling – is normally not available with a family cruise because programming is often more static and based solely on age groups.

Supervision provided

Disney Cruise Line provides supervision for youth activities with experienced, specially trained counselors, so you don’t have to worry about a thing while your kids enjoy their free-time activities.

More to come

In a series of upcoming posts, we’ll go into more detail about the onboard activities and experiences that your children will have to choose from on a Disney cruise.

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