Introducing ‘Under The Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid’

Little Mermaid Under the Sea (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Little Mermaid Under the Sea (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Little Mermaid attraction debuts in Fantasyland

‘Out of the sea … Wish I could be … Part of that world’ – the new attraction in the Magic Kingdom takes guests through a series of settings in Ariel’s world.

The Grottos and Caverns

Through a shipwreck at the base of Prince Eric’s Castle, you descend through the grottos and caverns where barnacles, starfish and crabs entertain you until you board your clamshell vehicle for the ride into Ariel’s world. Make sure you look at the 86-foot mural that features many characters from “The Little Mermaid.”

Seagull Scuttle is the first character you encounter as Ariel’s story starts to unfold.

Under the Sea

Without leaving your clamshell, bubble and the sound of water follow you as the ride lowers you to Ariel’s grotto on the ocean floor. You’ll see Ariel’s whozit and thingamabob treasures as she sings “Part of Your World.” Then a myriad of marine creatures such as the carp with the harp conducted by Sebastian perform “Under the Sea.”

The Sea Witch

Your clamshell takes you into Ursula’s dark lair where Flotsam and Jetsam slither around and a 7 1/2 foot tall Ursula looms with her tentacles reaching out to 12 feet as she sings ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

Prince Eric

Your clamshell now takes you above the the ocean surface, Ariel and Prince Eric embrace and their love is celebrated by all of the sea creatures in a surprising finale.

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