Hipster Princesses give Leia tips on being a Disney princess



Hipster Disney Princess (credit: AVByte)

Hipster Disney Princess (credit: AVByte)

Disney News: Hipster Princesses invite Leia into the family

The Hipster Princesses are back! Now that Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd. and Princess Leia is going to join the ranks of Disney Characters, the Hipster Princesses thought she required an introduction into the family and a bit of training in “Disney Princess Leia – Star Wars Disney Princesses”. In the video, the Hipster Princesses welcome Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan into the happy family with tips on being kind, singing and refusing to ever eat! Princess Leia confides that she’s been alone with men for so long that she’s happy to have new friends.

Vijay Nazareth has once again directed and edited the video where the princesses meet R2D2, stroll through a park and ask Leia how she does her hair! From having the hots for a Wookie to waiting for a prince to save you.  Created by the YouTube channel AVByte, you can watch all the Hipster Princess musicals, download the musical tracks and share the lyrics from their website.

The Princesses

The video features the following princesses starring as:

  • Belle: Elizabeth Oldak
  • Aurora: Sarah Moliski
  • Snow White: Tiger Darrow
  • Cinderella: Tanja Nagler
  • Ariel: Molly Gallagher
  • Leia: Stephanie Kenna

The Song

The music and lyrics were created by Antonius Nazareth, reference hairy men, choosing shoes, and weight along with being a heroine:

Sometimes a princess gets to be the hero
She gets to fight and save the day

The Video

Watch the entire video here:


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