Hipster Disney Princess arrives in time for Halloween



Hipster Disney Princess (credit: AVByte)

Hipster Disney Princess (credit: AVByte)

Disney News: YouTube musical shot in New York City gathers momentum

Not since the Real Housewives of Disney, took us by storm in March 2012, have we had a good chuckle. Now, you can add “Hipster Disney Princess: The Musical” posted on YouTube on October 1st, 2012 to the list. Whether it’s the mermaid meme “Hipster Ariel” singing about her organic bra or the four princesses singing in unison about how they’re all the same, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Snow White wearing thick black-rimmed glasses talk about doing cool things. Shot in New York City and directed and edited by Vijay Nazareth, the princesses drink Starbucks, dance in Times Square and reference Twitter, sushi and Kombucha tea. The song speaks about how the world is too mainstream and the princesses invite you to “embrace your inner irony, your true identity”. The musical was created by AVByte, a YouTube channel that creates weekly musicals run by two brothers Antonius and Vijay Nazareth. This post-Disney princess quartet is their  sixth video. You can download the musical track or share the lyrics from their website.

The Princesses

The video features the following princesses in Times Square, starring:

  • Belle: Elizabeth Oldak
  • Snow White: Tiger Darrow
  • Ariel: Molly Gallagher
  • Cinderella: Tanja Nagler

The Song

The music and lyrics were created by Antonius Nazareth, reference shopping at thrift stores, buying vinyl, finding hot bands before they’re cool and the hipster invite:

Just be a hipster
An individual
Come on and join us
Don’t be a tool

The Video

Watch the video yourself and see how whether you think the Disney Hipster princesses are cool:

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