High speed racing thrills at Walt Disney World Speedway



Richard Petty Driving Experience (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Richard Petty Driving Experience (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Rev it up at the Richard Petty Driving Experience

There are many ways to whip around the Walt Disney World Speedway, from the Exotic Driving Experience to the Speedway Challenge. Whether you want to white-knuckle it and take a course to drive yourself or let a professional race you around the track, here are your options. If you want to race a car at the one-mile tri-oval, make sure you plan ahead as Driving Experience sessions are offered on alternate days, where as ride-alongs happen daily.

Driving experiences for adults

  • Ride-Along Program: Be a passenger and let a pro take you to top speeds of 145 mph on this 3-lap ride.
  • Rookie Experience: Take an instruction class and then drive 8 laps on the track yourself in this 3-hour program.
  • King’s Experience: Drive for 18 laps in two sessions after you’ve completed your training.

Premium Driving experiences

  • Experience of a Lifetime. Get your pulse pounding as you speed for 30 laps in a NASCAR race car. Between each 10 lap sessions, you’ll get one-on-one with a Pit Road instructor for some feedback. Cost: $1,299/person.
  • Speedway Challenge. Ride for 50-laps in five sessions, grab lunch with an instructor, take a Ride-Along high-speed round and get a shop tour.  Cost: $2,099/person.

Programs for Children

As of this year, if your child is at least 48 inches high, there is an opportunity to ride for three laps in the Junior Ride-Alongs program. Your child will sit shotgun with a professional driving instructor in a two-seat NASCAR race car.

Requirements for Driving Experiences

The following conditions must be met if you want to take the wheel yourself:

  • you must be at least 18 years old
  • have a valid driver’s license
  • able to drive a car with standard transmission

drivepetty.com or call 800/BE-PETTY

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