Get a free Sorcerers card at Disney’s Halloween party [Video]

Woozles Woozle sorcerer card (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Woozles Woozle sorcerer card (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News:  Grab a rare Sorcerers card during Mickey’s Not-so-scary Halloween Party

If you’re apprentice sorcerer defeating Disney villains with the “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” game at Magic Kingdom, you can get a special holiday card during the halloween party. If you’ve been collecting and trading spell cards, here’s your chance to add to your collection, and, have yet another spell combination to stop villains from creating havoc.

Where to pick up your rare spell card

When you attend Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween Party, go to the fire station at the Magic Kingdom entrance, show your party ticket and you’ll get a Chip and Dale Halloween card. If you don’t have your sorcerer cards yet, you can pick up your free deck by the park entrance fire station or in Liberty Square behind the Christmas store.

The Video

If you haven’t played the sorcerer game yet, here’s our sneak peek video we posted in February 2012:

The game

It took Disney Imagineers over four years to create this role-playing adventure where guests can become apprentices for Merlin the Magician. You can play the game in segments of  15 to 20 minutes or for a continuous three to four hour time span where your spell cards are encrypted to bring down villains with a flick of your wrist. What took the Imagineers so long? The original animation scenes are over 95 minutes so that development time is similar to creating a full-length animated film.

Tell us…

Do you play the sorcerer’s game at Disney? How many spell cards do you have?