Fun at Be Our Guest Restaurant on the children’s menu

Gourmet cupcakes at Be Our Guest Restaurant (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Gourmet cupcakes at Be Our Guest Restaurant (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Creative children’s dishes revealed in a french-inspired menu

No matter how formal the castle setting is for the Be Our Guest restaurant, kids will be swept away in the magic of the movie setting and still have fun with their meal in the french-inspired cuisine.


Kids can choose from a grilled turkey sandwich with sweet potato wedges or a turkey Meatloaf shaped in Mickey Mouse’s likeness with broccoli Florets. There’s a healthy approach to the entire menu from a whole grain macaroni and a ketchup made from scratch incorporating carrots to the peach sauce apple sauce with the turkey sandwich or seared Mahi Mahi dishes. Of course, you couldn’t have a kid’s menu without french fries, but at Be Our Guest, the french equivalent is pommes frites.


Of course, dessert is enough to put a smile on any child’s face. Cupcakes come in many forms, from Strawberry Cream Cheese, triple chocolate or Lemon Meringue. The vanilla sponge cake comes with a creamy strawberry mousse filling, coated with cream cheese or stuffed with lemon custard and a flamed meringue icing. And of course there’s always chocolate on the menu, from a chocolate sponge cake covered with decadent chocolate ganache and layered with rich chocolate mousse inside. The castle-made cream puffs are the signature dessert, with a chocolate or passion fruit cream puff, filled with a creamy mousse and topped with whipped cream.

Gluten free

There’s even a gluten free desert option with the Raspberry Cream Puff filled with lemon custard.

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