Epcot’s 30th Anniversary celebration, from the past to the present [Video]

Epcot Turns 30

Epcot Turns 30

Disney News: Epcot celebration draws original cast members and guests

Disney executives, guests and Epcot cast members were part of a 3 p.m. ceremony at America Gardens Theatre yesterday that celebrated Epcot, the second theme park that was built at Disney World.

The Celebration

Two musical groups performed at the celebration, and some were members that have been with Epcot since the first day it opened. The Mexico pavilion’s mariachi band –  Mariachi Cobre – serenaded the crowd, encouraging everyone to clap along with a song. And the soothing harmony of the eight-member acapella group – Voices of Liberty -sang a repertoire of some of the American and patriotic songs they normally sing at the American Adventure Pavilion. The ceremony closed with cast members from each of the international World Showcase pavilions and Future World filled the stage and aisles.

The Speech

Apparently there are 150 Walt Disney World Cast members who have worked at Epcot since the opening day on October 1, 1982. They received a special thanks from Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for U.S. and France Operations. “Here at Epcot, our visitors have proposed, visited on honeymoons, brought their children, brought their parents, and come back time and time again to celebrate births and jobs and graduations, and all of life’s victories,” said  Crofton. “The real measurement. The measurement that defines why this park is here, is a number that we really don’t know what it is, but it is the millions upon millions of wonderful family memories that have been born here. Magical moments that our guests have carried home and treasured.”

The Video

Step back in time with us to see how Epcot was created, from Walt Disney’s vision himself, to the them park that we visit today:

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