Disney celebrates the cotton-top tamarin with special activities today

Tamarin Day (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Tamarin Day (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Cotton-top Tamarin celebrations are underway throughout August

August 15 marks Columbia’s official Day of the Cotton-top Tamarin and Disney is joining in the celebration at Animal Kingdom.  In fact, during the month of August, guests who are animal and nature lovers will have the opportunity to learn about this small, one-pound monkey and the ongoing efforts to protect the species.

Cotton-top tamarin activities at Disney

From education to the whimsical, Disney has a a variety of activities dedicated to the tiny monkey:

  • learning how scientists track tamarins in the forest
  • learn the cotton-tops’ favorite foods
  • conservation efforts to help the tamarin such as the eco-mochila tote bag
  • learn the cotton-top tamarin dance
  • savor the cotton-top tamarin cupcake

About the cotton-top tamarin

The cotton-top is one of the cutest primates because of the thick band of white hair that frames their dark faces. The hair looks like a mohawk and the monkey has received the moniker the “punk rock primate” as a result. Unfortunately, increasing habitat loss and the pet trade are significantly affecting the primate and it has now been added to the critically endangered species list. With this added protection – they cannot be hunted or captured now – the hope is that their population won’t continue to dwindle. “We created this celebration as a way to highlight the effects that humans have on natural habitats,” said Dr. Anne Savage, Conservation Director for Disney’s Animal Programs. “Conservation celebrations are important because it helps people of all ages understand and appreciate these amazing animals and learn what it takes to protect them for future generations.”

Where to see the cotton-top tamarin

Since 1998, the Cotton-top has been a part of the Animal Kingdom family. You can catch a glimpse of one at the following places in the theme park:

  • before you get to the Tree of Life at Discovery Island, you’ll see a habitat with the tiny monkey
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Habitat Habit: walk the wildlife trail that you’ll find between Conservation Station and Wildlife Express

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