Criticism follows Disney’s First Latina Princess in “Sofia the First: One Upon A Princess”

Sofia and Queen Miranda (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Sofia and Queen Miranda (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Critical tweets about Sofia for non-Latino looks

The animated Disney movie, “Sofia the First: One Upon A Princess”, debuts on Sunday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m. on the Disney channel and on Thursday, November 22nd, on Disney Junior. Since Disney confirmed her ethnicity, there have been critical tweets about her hair and eye colour, and her light complexion.

The film

The movie tells how Sofia enters the royal family after her mother marries King of Enchancia. There are appearances by Cinderlla, Fauna and Merryweather and the voices will be familiar as well:

  • Sofia: Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”)
  • Queen Miranda: Sara Ramirez (“Grey’s Anatomy”)
  • Clover: Wayne Brady (“Let’s Make A Deal”)
  • Baileywick: Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”)

Twitter Criticism

On Twitter, criticism about Sofia’s auburn hair and blue eyes were as follows: Samantha Grieder @SamGrieder: “Is it me, or does Disney’s first Latina princess look… white?”

Facebook Praise

On Facebook, the comments seem to be contrary such as Eddi Trevizo who said: “I’m fully Mexican and agree with the statement above. My sister has green eyes, freckles and very light skin. It’s a common trait on both sides of my family; we all have light complexions. I always get the “you don’t look Mexican/Hispanic” comment. I think it comes down to a lot of people not actually traveling through Mexico and seeing that its population is just as diverse as here in the U.S.”

Tell us…

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