Children make goo, cookies and soap cars with new Disney programming

Science is fun (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Science is fun (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Kids learn to bake, make goo, race soap cars and more!

Thanks to some innovative new Disney Cruise Line programming, kids have never had more fun at sea! That’s because now all onboard activities for children aged 3 through 12 are customizable and open to kids of all ages. While activities are still created to appeal to children of a particular age group, there are no limits on these onboard adventures for children of any age. This means that siblings with a large gap in ages, can still enjoy the same activities together.

Create & Invent Series

The Create and Invent Series of programming is perfect for children who are in the middle of that 3-12 age bracket, featuring activities that allow their kids to create and innovate. It’s all hands on with these interactive adventures.


This is probably one of the most popular activities among kids cruising with Disney. Flubber allows budding young scientists to work with Professor Goo to create all kinds of crazy things, including that magic green goo we all know and love.

Ratatouille Cooking School

Don’t worry! There aren’t any mice in the kitchen here where your kids will have a blast baking up yummy cookies at Ratatouille Cooking School.

Piston Cup Challenge

Imagine fashioning a miniature race car out of soap…and racing it against other little race cars. Sounds like some good clean fun to us! If this sounds like an activity your youngster would enjoy, sign them up for the Piston Cup Challenge.

Super Sloppy Science

A special activity for young passengers aboard Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, Super Sloppy Science allows kids to essentially make a great big mess. It’s no wonder, really. Experiments are led by Professor Make-O-Mess.

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