Children are center stage with new Disney Cruise Line Spotlight Series

Little princesses at sea (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Little princesses at sea (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: Kids can work on their stage presence at sea

If your child loves to be the center of attention, how much would he or she love to work on their stage presence on their family vacation?

Thanks to some innovative new Disney Cruise Line programming, children have more options than ever in terms of onboard activities and adventures. That’s because of the new way that Disney is allowing activities to be customized by passengers. More specifically – its child passengers!

Children between the ages of 3 and 12 are now able to choose their own adventures aboard the Disney Cruise ships, rather than having to pick experiences that are specifically for children of a certain age. We’ve already written about the Clubhouse Series, the Storybook Series, the Jump Up Series and the Create and Invent Series programming. Today we look at the Spotlight Series.

Spotlight Series Programming

From High School Musical to Tinker Bell’s Talent Show, the Spotlight Series lets little performers practice their stage presence.

All For One: A High School Musical Mad Cap Caper

Kids get to wander around the ship in search of “props” before starring in a “High School Musical” themed talent show. This involves karaoke!

Monsters, Inc. Open “Mike” Night

Aboard the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, kids can have a hand in saving Monstropolis with Mike Wazowski by making parents laugh!

Tinker Bell’s Talent Show

Also on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream children have the chance to shine in front of their families with Tinker Bell at Tinker Bell’s Talent Show!

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