Car Design among new features at Test Track Interactive

Test Track Interactive (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Test Track Interactive (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney news: test track interactive to open December 6, 2012

On December 6, 2012 test track by Chevrolet at Disney’s Epcot Center will be revamping its image. Using the specialized Chevrolet design center at Epcot, guests can create their own Chevrolet vehicles digitally via a touchscreen interface and then test drive their concept vehicles in a six person simulation ride.

Test Drive Features:

The new test drive ride hopes to:

  1. Allow for more interaction
  2. Help children and adults get more creative with Disney rides.
  3. Provide a wicked thrill ride.
  4. Introduce new rendering and customization to a Disney ride.
  5. Educate and inform as well as give people a window into what it’s like to design a new vehicle.

Other features:

Test track also sets out to educate new car designers. The idea is to create your own right experience. By developing parts of the car you can work to make it more efficient, more capable, more powerful, and more responsive. By creating the perfect vehicle you can make your way through the ride as well as enjoy a much more intense ride. It may require a few tries to get your car design right but once you have designed the perfect car you can experience this ride your way and in your own custom creation. This creates a truly unique and interesting experience that builds upon the existing test track experience.

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