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Flagler Celebration

Celebrating Flagler throughout Florida

When Henry M. Flagler moved to St. Augustine in the 1880s, he envisioned a tourist destination from the sunny wilds of Florida. Among the hotels, churches and other structures that still...

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Dolphin Tale (credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Meet the “real” Winter from Dolphin Tale

Visit Winter, the dolphin whose story endeared hearts when the movie was released in cinemas this fall - she lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  Now 6 years old, her story is one inspiratio...

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Dali glass atrium ©The Dali Museum

Best of Central Florida Events: Jan. 6-13

Ring in the New Year with the latest activities and events! Join in the first year birthday celebration of the new museum! Along with "Share the Dali" photo exhibit, children can join a storyt...

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Burroughs Home ©Burroughs Home & Gardens

Best of South Florida Events: Jan. 6-13

It's a New Year - start it off by exploring some different venues! 1) Beaux Arts Festival Start your morning walking amid 300 displays of art, crafts and various media. Along with free...

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Biltmore Hotel ©Holiday Tripper

Three ways to stay warm on a cold day in Miami

As we've seen in the last few days, temperatures can plummet in Florida. If you find yourself shivering on the beach, head indoors for a few hours - Miami has lots to discover! Sip Warm up with...

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Quadrantid meteors ©The American Meteor Society

Watch the 2012 Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Catch this year's first meteor shower in the early morning on January 4th! According to NASA more than 100 shooting stars will stream through the sky each hour. Good news is the shooting stars are...

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Drive on Daytona Beach

iPhone App for Navigating Florida traffic

Do you find everyone is in a hurry during the holiday season? Pressure mounts with last-minute shopping and guests arriving to the point that a congested route can fray nerves. If you're muddling...

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A Visual Guide to Winter in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

On the first day of winter, we're looking at the coldest and warmest states in the country! With such a wide expanse of land, the United States spans from arctic terrain to subtropical climates. Peo...

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Gas Buddy App

Best Travel Apps for the Holidays

Traveling this holiday season? From keeping up-to-date on flights to finding a gas station and a clean bathroom, travel apps have taken some of the guesswork and frustration out of travel, especia...

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Couple walking on Long Boat Key Beach, Florida

5 Ways to Find Serenity During the Holidays

If there's ever a fast-paced, multi-tasking time, it's the Holiday Season, whether at home or traveling! If you're in the middle of packing suitcase or gifts, walking through crowds in a shopping...

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