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Best Of Northern Florida Events

Best of Northern Florida Events: January 25 – February 1

Traveling through Northern Florida this week? Step back in time or onto a treadmill! Either way, there are some great events happening, check out these upcoming activities. 1. Yesterday's F...

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Limited Time Magic Brings Back Long Lost Friends (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Limited Time Magic brings Three Little Pigs to Disney

It's the start of another week and if you're wondering what the magical experience or special surprise for this week is at Disney, it's 'Long Lost Friends' week. The 'Limited Time Magicâ...

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Best of Florida Outdoor Events (credit:

Best of Florida Outdoor Events: January 25 – February 1

The full moon is influencing a number of activities this week, from paddling to hiking. But don't forget manatees while you're at it - check out our list: 1. Moonlight P...

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Best of Cultural Events in Florida

Best of Cultural Florida Events: January 18 – January 25

If you’re looking for some cultural activities this week, everything from art to archaeology is happening throughout Florida. Check out the following events: 1. Art Under the Oaks Go to...

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Travel Deals: La Nouba offers special rates for Florida residents

If you haven't yet seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, as a Florida resident you have a chance to get discounted tickets to join more than 8 million people that have seen, La Nouba at Downtow...

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Best of South Florida Events

Best of South Florida Events: January 18 – January 25

From seafood to photography sessions, if you’re traveling through south Florida this week, check out one of these upcoming events and activities. Those who love Art Deco, there's even someth...

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Stargazing with a tablet (credit: Fairy Devices Inc. )

Stargazer events this weekend!

1. Full Moon Beach Hike There's nothing like walking by the light of the moon rather than a flashlight. You can head out to the beach with Ranger Tony on a moonlight hike at Gamble Rogers Me...

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Best of Central Florida Events

Best of Central Florida Events: January 18 – January 25

From a children's festival to a 50th Anniversary celebration, if  you’re on the road through Northern Florida during this week, here are some of the best activities and events happening in...

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Snow Flurries Forecast for a Limited Time at Epcot (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Limited Time Magic at Epcot this week!

This week, from January 14-20, Limited Time Magic comes to Epcot in the form of falling snow. You'll find it in front of the Canada pavilion where you can meet and greet Disney characters and...

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Manatees (credit: Wildlife Foundation of Florida)

It’s time for Manatee Protection

Protect Manatees during cold temperatures As water cool, Florida's Gentle Giants migrate to warmer waters such as canals adjacent to power plant outflows or freshwater springs. Manate...

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