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The HolidayTripper.com news team is a group of carefully selected individuals whose aim is to deliver reputable, fun and informative articles.

Meet the Holiday Tripper team below:

Executive Editor: Katherine Jacob

Veteran travel writer, Katherine has written hundreds of travel articles and a travel book series during the last 20 years. A Society of American Travel Writers Member, she has travelled the world but has been to Florida more than any other destination, including annual trips since her childhood. She writes as “Holiday Tripper”.

What she can’t live without: Dark chocolate

What she’d like to change in the world: Peace and loving kindness toward all living beings in the world.

Managing Editor: Monica LaSalle

Armed with a color coded editorial calendar and a series of organizing apps, Monica stays on top of all florida news, disney news and travel related items. On the rare occasion you catch her without a calendar in hand, you’ll likely find her organizing anything in sight! She writes as “Family Tripper”.

What she can’t live without: Post-it notes

What she’d like to change in the world: Traffic lights.

Linda Avatar (credit: Linda Jacobson)

Contributing Writer: Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson is a Blogger in Lehigh Acres, Florida who divides her time between the stars and nature trails. Her Backyard Universe blog is located at AstronomyGal and she She volunteers her time at CREWTrust.org. A nature photographer, her image galleries are located at http://linda-jacobson.artistwebsites.com

What she can’t live without: Pizza

What she’d like to change in the world: An end to senseless wars for if we do not end them and find some kind of Peace, they will be our demise and the demise of species.

Contributing Writer:: Tiffany Karabaich

Glorifying all the world has to offer from nature to molecular gastronomy, and recently married to the biggest foodie in the world, former animal trainer turned writer/photographer,Tiffany Karabaich Pence, who lives in central Florida, combines her passion for eating and photography while traveling the globe. Visit www.thegoodtravellife.com for more mouth-watering destinations.
What she can’t live without: Skippy peanut butter
What she’d like to change in the world:  More compassion for the environment, wildlife and people.